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Wedding Flowers: Selecting Your Table Top Arrangements for the Reception

When deciding on flowers for your wedding reception, be sure to consider both placement and theme.

Choose Your Arrangement Type

First off, you've got several different options for placement of wedding reception flowers. You'll likely want some in the middle of your guest tables, as well as a unique arrangement for the wedding table itself (the spot where you and your groom will sit and eat).

In addition, you need flowers to go on top of your cake, and you might need arrangements to decorate the room where your reception will be held.

Be sure to consider all other areas that may look bare without a little floral decor. This includes your gift table, the area by your guest book, and the table where you lay out wedding favors for your guests.

Pay Attention to Style and Theme

Aim for one cohesive theme throughout all your flower arrangements. Your theme can focus on a single color, a group of colors, or a specific type of flower. For example, pink and white roses.

Once you choose your theme, thread it through all your arrangements. That way each arrangement can be designed to suit its function, but all arrangements will have a unifying element.

In the pink and white rose example, you can create a guest table arrangement that's grouped low to the surface and is heavy on pink roses with a sprinkling of white roses. Then make your wedding table centerpiece a bit bolder and wider, with more white roses than pink.

After that, place a few pink and white roses in a vase for your gift table and another for your guest book table. Finally, for guest favors, you can extend the theme by using miniature pink and white roses.

Ultimately, a little planning and thought can mean an elegant, unified appearance that makes your wedding reception a vibrant event to remember. You can save yourself time and money by ordering your wedding reception table top arrangements online from KaBloom.