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KaBloom - The Power of Fresh Flowers

The gift of fresh flowers is a gift like no other. Not only are floral gifts appropriate for nearly all occasions, they also thrill the wide majority of people who receive them. Thanks to modern transportation systems and refined shipping services, you can send fresh flowers quickly to virtually anywhere in the world. But even better than that, thanks to KaBloom, you can easily ship fresh, young flowers that are bound to have a long vase life. Find out how below.

What is KaBloom?

It's one thing to be passionate about flowers and quite another to be passionate about fresh flowers. Cultivating fresh flowers for use in bouquets is an art form. Not only that, it's an art form that KaBloom has perfected.

The KaBloom Difference

One of the biggest problems plaguing the fresh flower industry is the challenge of quickly shipping fresh flowers to their destination without sacrificing the health and vase life of the flowers.

Most florists ship flowers overnight in a type of foam that prevents evaporation but at the same time pulls liquid out of the stems of the flowers.

In contrast, KaBloom flowers are shipped in water and arrive at their destination address within 72 hours of being harvested. This is all thanks to KaBloom's commitment to keeping flowers in the best health until delivery, which is made possible with their proprietary technology in the form of the Moses Miracle.

The power of the Moses Miracle

At first glance, the Moses Miracle looks like a blue water balloon stuck to the bottom stems of any KaBloom bouquet. In fact, it's quite a bit more.

To properly attach the Moses Miracle hydration balloon to the base of cut flowers, the company uses the Moses Miracle automatic machine. This machine uses compressed air at a pressure of 100 PSI to power its operation.

Four pistons extend into the middle of the Moses Miracle tabletop. Each piston holds a pin. The neck of the balloon used to hold the flower water gets positioned over each pin. When the neck of the balloon is opened, hydrating fluid is added.

The bouquet intended for shipment is then placed in supportive foam and positioned over the neck of the balloon. At the press of a button, the top of the balloon closes around the bouquet. Air is pumped out of it at the same time and the balloon top is sealed around the foam.

From there, the floral bouquet is taken off the pins, complete with an airtight, watertight, hydrating bundle attached and ready for shipment.

Basic steps to caring for your KaBloom flowers

  1. Once you receive your KaBloom package, set it down gently and open. Don't be surprised if your flowers are in bud form. Often times they're sent this way on purpose so you'll have the longest bloom possible. Not only that, but you'll get to watch them mature right before your eyes.
  2. Prepare a vase by filling it three-quarters of the way full with fresh warm water. Use filtered water or reverse osmosis water if you have it available.
  3. Add one package of the KaBloom Flower Food that shipped with your package (you should have received two packages total).
  4. Use regular household scissors to cut the band that secures your bouquet to the box.
  5. Remove the rubber band fastened around the Moses Miracle and discard the hydration bundle. Remove any protective floral tissue wrapped around your bouquet.
  6. Eyeball where the water line from your vase will fall on the stems of your bouquet. Clip off any foliage or leaves that fall below that water line.
  7. Holding the end stems of your bouquet under warm running water, clip off at least an inch from the bottom of the stems. Cut at an angle.
  8. Place your bouquet in your vase and let the flowers settle into place. It may take a eight to twelve hours for the bouquet to fully perk up in the vase. Once it does, enjoy the splendid sight!

Note: Change the water in your vase every three days. Be sure to use another packet of the KaBloom Flower Food when you change the water. Re-cut the stems when you change the water.

The power of hydration

Thanks to the Moses Miracle, all flowers shipped from KaBloom are well hydrated throughout the delivery process. As a bonus, it doesn't matter if the box with the flowers gets put upside-down or even turned on its side - the flowers are sure to stay in good condition thanks to their steady supply of water.

Take advantage of the KaBloom difference and see for yourself how healthy their fresh flowers are. You're bound to be impressed!