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September Birthday Flowers

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Anybody born in September should be delighted to learn their birth month flower is the Aster, which has a lush texture and comes in a variety of rich hues. Better yet, Asters represent multiple good intentions and wishes. Not only does the Aster stand for love and faith, it also encompasses wisdom, valor, and light.

The Aster family includes around six hundred species of flowering plants native to areas throughout Europe and Asia. Many Aster varieties are a hit with gardeners because of their vibrant and showy flower heads. In addition, asters grow well throughout several hardiness zones.

The name Aster comes from an ancient Greek word that means "star," which is also a way to describe the bloom of the aster. Some even consider the aster an enchanted flower with magical properties. As a matter of fact, burning the leaves from the Aster flower in ancient times was believed to drive away evil serpents. In addition, aster flowers were traditionally laid on the graves of fallen soldiers to symbolize remembrance.

Today, among other things, Asters are considered a symbol of patience and love. The star-like flower can be found in several different colors, including blue, lavender, white, pink and red. For the most part, Aster blooms have bright yellow centers.

Though the Aster is the primary flower for September birthdays, the Morning Glory is also associated with the month of September as a birth flower. Morning Glory flowers symbolize vibrancy and awareness.

Honoring the tradition of birth month flowers is an excellent way to celebrate a birthday. It allows you to give the universally appreciated gift of flowers while at the same time letting someone know how much you respect and honor their individuality.

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