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Say Thank You with Flowers

Nothing says "thank you" like a lovely arrangement of flowers. Whether you're grateful for a tiny favor or you're trying to express a powerful sentiment, flowers have a way of coloring a grateful feeling like no other gift can. Fortunately, a huge variety of flowers exists to choose from when saying thank you, as does a wide assortment of types of thank you gifts. Read on to learn more.

Types of floral thank-you gifts

Thank-you-flowers tend to be bright, showy, splashes of color twisted up into cheerful floral arrangements. You can order thank you flowers in a variety of vases that come in very small sizes and go up to huge armfuls.

Other popular types of thank you gifts include flower arrangements that come out of coffee mugs, gift boxes, or gift baskets. Any one of these options serves as a great way to tuck an extra gift into a colorful thank you display.

The types of flowers used in thank-you arrangements can be anything you choose, particularly if you know the floral preferences of your recipient.

Flower arrangements that are unlikely to be seen as thank you gifts include groupings of red roses (because they're more likely to symbolize passion than gratitude) and groupings of white lilies (used more in arrangements for sympathy or religious reasons like Easter).

Perfect reasons for saying thank you with flowers

Whatever the occasion, flowers are both an appropriate gift and a great way to say thank you. They can stand on their own as a gesture of gratitude or they can complement a larger gift, but either way they add just the right tone of true appreciation. Read on for a list of some of the more common occasions where flowers present the perfect opportunity to say "thanks".

  • The birth of a baby: Flowers are an easy, subtle decoration that bring beauty and light into the home where a child has just been born. Better yet, they're easy for a tired new mom and dad to enjoy without having to go to great lengths. For new grandparents, they're a great way to say "thank you for finally giving me a long-coveted grandchild!"
  • Glad you were born: Nowadays, many people are moving away from the clutter that has overtaken our culture. Instead of gifting something thoughtful but trivial, choose flowers as a way to say "thanks for being born" to someone.
  • For kids - good grades: Kids these days are taught the importance of working hard and doing well in school, but it never hurts to stop for a second and tell them "thank you" for a job well done. Flowers are a thoughtful way to make this gesture - not grandiose, but definitely likely to be appreciated.
  • The "I love you" gesture: Flowers are widely known to be one of the best ways to say "thanks for being you." Give them as a gift to someone you love, especially if that person regularly brightens your day.
  • Helpful neighbors: If your neighbors are always there for you when you need a little help, from borrowing an egg to sharing neighborhood secrets, let them know they're appreciated by saying thank you with flowers. Though a simple stated "thanks" is usually all that's expected in neighborly exchanges, going the extra mile with a floral gift is sure to make your neighbor's day.
  • Committed teachers: If your children were fortunate enough to be assigned committed and talented teachers, it never hurts to say "thanks for doing a good job!" Even though teachers are doing the job they're paid for, those who go above and beyond to provide your kids with quality education deserve an extra note of appreciation.
  • Healthcare providers: Just like teachers, some healthcare providers go above and beyond what it takes to merely fill their job descriptions. Let your doctor, nurse, dentist, therapist, acupuncturist, or massage therapist know how much you appreciate his or her talents and say thank you by sending some flowers.
  • Service providers: Employees like postal workers, newspaper delivery people, and other service providers surely brighten your day when they do their work with a smile or extra attention to detail. Let them know you notice their extra effort by giving them a thank-you flower arrangement.

Everywhere you look there are reasons to be thankful

Look around your life and consider all the things that come together to make your days bright and enjoyable. Let your gratitude show by telling other people that you notice their efforts and that you appreciate them, and reinforce your statement by saying thank you with flowers. You never know - that small gesture on your part may pay off volumes in the end, making your life that much more pleasant and delightful.