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October Birthday Flowers

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The October birth month flower is the Calendula, which is more commonly known as the Marigold or the Pot Marigold. It's a flower that symbolizes both sympathy and sorrow, and sends the message that "my thoughts are with you."

For the most part, Calendula  blooms can be seen in orange and yellow, or sometimes blends of the two. Some varieties also have traces of a deep red. The petals on the Calendula are arranged in a spiral, as are the leaves of the plant itself. Calendula flowers have a mild, spicy aroma and are often used in potpourri blends.

The flower itself is part of the daisy family and is native to the Mediterranean region. The name Calendula actually stems from the Latin word, kalendae. Kalendae means the first day of the month. It's believed Calendula are associated with this term because Pot Marigolds commonly bloom at the beginning of most months throughout the summer (which is really just another way of saying they bloom all summer long).

Calendula are both celebrated and appreciated by gardeners for their versatility. They are among the easiest flowers to grow and thrive in locations with either full sun or shade, though sunny spots are their clear preference.

The petals from the Calendula flower are considered edible in many cultures. They're frequently used in salads and teas for added color.

Calendula extract is also commonly added to chicken feed in order to produce eggs with darker yolks. In addition, the oil found in the seed of the Calendula contains calendic acid, which is an essential element in many soap products.

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