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November Birthday Flowers

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November babies are lucky to claim the Chrysanthemum as their birth month flower. As a favorite flower of florists  and gardeners alike, the Chrysanthemum is hard to beat. 

This cheerful, multi-petaled flower is a close relative of the daisy. Often called simply "mums" for short, Chrysanthemums lay claim to around thirty different variations in color and size. The flower is native both to Asia and northeastern Europe.

In parts of Asia, Chrysanthemum petals from yellow or white Chrysanthemum flowers are boiled in water to make a sweet tea. Chrysanthemum tea is believed to have medicinal benefits, including serving as a cure for the flu (though this remedy hasn't exactly been adopted by Western culture). In fact, there's an ancient city in China named Chu-Hsien, which means "Chrysanthemum city."

In Japan, where the Chrysanthemum was introduced in the 8th century, the Emperor at the time adopted the flower as his official seal. Now, Japan celebrates the flower with an annual Festival of Happiness.

Chrysanthemums can get as large as five feet tall, though the average plant levels off around two feet. Modern Chrysanthemums create a showy display of color that ranges from purple to blue to red, as well as yellow, orange, and white. Along with having a jazzy bloom, Chrysanthemum plants have natural insecticide qualities. They've also been shown to have environmental benefits thanks to the NASA Clean Air Study that demonstrated how Chrysanthemum plants could actually reduce indoor air pollution.

 All in all, it's a lovely and versatile birth flower for anyone born in November.

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