May Birthday Flowers

Send Lovely Lilies from KaBloom for a May birthday gift that's a big hit!The birth flower for May is the lily of the valley. The lily of the valley flower is both simple and elegant, along with being wonderfully fragrant. The flower has delicate white blossoms that shower down in profusion amongst the broad, green leaves of the plant.

According to the language of flowers, the meaning for the lily of the valley flower is humility, sweetness, chastity, and purity. It's also said to mean a "return of happiness."

This birth flower for May babies is originally from Europe. The plant can be grown in either sun or shade. Often, it is favored as a groundcover in the corners and nooks of large gardens.

As legend tells it, the lily of the valley was actually created by Eve, of Adam and Eve from the Bible. It's said that the tiny, white bulbs actually sprang from Eve's tears as she was turned out of the Garden of Eden. This May birth flower has also been dubbed the "ladder to heaven" thanks to this story. In Ireland, lily of the valley blossoms are known as fairy ladders.

 You'll see lily of the valley quite frequently in bouquets arranged for weddings, and particularly in bridal arrangements. While it's a popular choice for delicate and elegant bouquets, it's important to note that the flower contains poisons. Because of that, you should be very careful with the vase water in which lily of the valley blooms have been. Never drink it.

Though the lily of the valley is the main birth flower for May birthdays, other varieties of lilies are considered the alternative birth flower for this month.

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