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March Birthday Flowers

Your March birthday flowers will be a big hit with KaBloom fresh flower delivery!

Also known as the jonquil, the daffodil is part of the narcissus flower family and is the March birth flower. To some, the flower means happiness and friendship within their lives. To others, the previously hidden Victorian-era meaning, "You are an angel," is more favored. The beauty of the daffodil inspired William Wordsworth's poem, "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud", also commonly known as "The Daffodils".

Most daffodils come in yellow, white, orange, or variations of each. Probably the most commonly seen bloom is a pure, sunshiny yellow. Less common would be Daffodils that have a white outer circle of petals with orange petals blooming from the center.

The center of the Daffodil bloom is called its trumpet, and the outer expanse of petals makes up what's called its perianth. The perianth consists of a ring of six petals.

Since it is one of the first flowers to bloom in early spring, the daffodil is a welcome symbol of renewal and rebirth. Its appearance in March, sometimes amidst snow, has been described by countless poets as rays of sunshine bursting forth from the ground, ushering beauty and warmth back into the world. Because of this, daffodils convey a message of both affection and respect.

Daffodils are hardy bulbs that stem from the Amaryllis family. They're native to Europe, Asia, and North Africa.


Interestingly, several species of Daffodils also bloom throughout the autumn, though they're less common than the garden varieties. Even more worthy of note is the fact that Daffodil bulbs contain lycorine, which is an alkaloid poison. Daffodil bulbs can easily be confused with onions, and have even led to a few cases of accidental (though thankfully, not fatal) poisoning.


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