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Lovely Lilies - So Many Varieties

Everybody knows flowers are one of the best ways to show someone you care. You can use them to express gratitude, to show someone you're thinking of them, that you miss them, or that you love them. But there are so many choices of bouquets available - where do you start? Find out the keys for selecting the right bouquet below.

Floral options are a big business

Who doesn't love being on the receiving end of a lovely bouquet? Few can deny the beauty of a well-grouped bunch of flowers.

If you're the one on the giving end, then you're fortunate in that you have scores of options to choose from - many of which are easily available through your local florist or online.

But how do you choose? How do you know if your gift would be better said with lilies or roses, daisies or asters?

The best way to navigate the dizzying array of flower choices is to follow a few key tips for selecting the right bouquet.

Search your memory

Hands down, the best way to choose a floral bouquet for someone is to load it up with their flower of choice. If you're not sure what that might be, search your memory for clues as to what your special someone is likely to appreciate.

Does he or she have a favorite color? If so, start there and look for flowers that match and complement that color.

What about the décor in your gift recipient's home or office? Have you ever noticed pictures of sunflowers? Dried rose bouquets? Lily-scented sachets?

All of these can serve as tips to clue you in on the best flower to put in your gift bouquet.

Other foolproof methods for bouquet selection

If you search your memory and come up empty without any clue as to which flower should go in your gift bouquet, don't fret. Flower experts have come up with some great foolproof methods to help you make sure your flower arrangement is perfect and suitable.

Begin with personality

You can start by describing the personality of the person to whom you want to give your bouquet. If she is adorable, demure, and sweet, then bluebonnets might be the way to go. If he is tender and thoughtful, give him something with irises. If she is stately and grand, opt for lilies.

Spend a few minutes thinking about different personality traits that set this person apart from the crowd. Consider hobbies, lifestyle, and personal interests.

Here's a brief guide to get you started:

  • Traditional. If you want to give a bouquet to someone who is very traditional in their attitudes and way of thinking, you'll want to choose something with a mix of colorful roses or lilies and maybe an accent of lemon leaves. This grouping is ideal for a person who is conservative, cautious, classic, and elegant - especially if she or he steers away from bright, showy displays.
  • Sophisticated. The sophisticated person is also usually quite elegant and would appreciate a gift bouquet of bulb flowers such as tulips or daffodils. Don't shoot for high levels of contrast because your goal is simply to create visual interest. This is the ideal gift bouquet for somebody with a refined style all their own.
  • Nature enthusiast. If you'd like to give a gift bouquet to a nature lover, your best bet is going with sunflowers or daisies accented with grasses or plumes of wheat. Such an arrangement is bound to be adored by the kind of person who seeks out organic food, does yoga, and lives sustainably.
  • Recreationalist. If you have an outdoorsy friend to whom you'd like to gift a bouquet, try selecting something that looks carefree and relaxed - in other words, a bouquet that's not necessarily very arranged. Wildflowers are a safe bet, as are other flowers with asymmetric, lively qualities. This is one bouquet where you wouldn't want to include something as formal as a lily or a rose.
  • Lively child. Say you'd like to give a gift to someone who loves dancing, loud music, fast cars, or intense sports. What kind of flower would work for such a person? Again, this is not an area for lilies or roses. But colorful bouquets that combine different textures with a variety of species, including unusual elements like seed pods, might get you the response you're looking for.

In the end though, it's important to remember that no matter what kind of bouquet you choose as a gift, it's bound to be enjoyed and appreciated. Like so many things, it's the thought that counts when it comes to flowers. Just keep in mind that putting a little more thought into it than you usually would will score you the ideal, perfectly suited, much appreciated bouquet.