July Birthday Flower - Delphinium

Everybody knows each month of the year is connected to a birthstone, but few realize each month also has its own birth flower. Birth flowers symbolize a new beginning, making them the ideal gift for celebrating a birthday.

For July babies, the Larkspur is the flower to celebrate their birth month. The Larkspur is considered a flower with an "open heart," which is also a way to describe those born in July. The Larkspur is also known as a Delphinium.

The July birth month flower also symbolizes ardent attachment. Taken in tandem with the open heart, July babies have the gift of sharing their love candidly, without worry of judgment or mockery.

There are three common colors for the Larkspur: pink, white, and purple/mauve. Each color is said to carry a different meaning. At least, this was the case in the Victorian era. During that time, a pink Larkspur symbolized fickleness while a white Larkspur meant the recipient was joyful and happy-go-lucky. The purple/mauve combination bestowed the compliment of a sweet disposition.

Though less common, other colors Larkspur colors include yellow, red, and blue.

The plant is native to Western Europe and the Mediterranean region, but also grows in central Asia and California. Larkspurs are considered garden plants, though they're poisonous if eaten in large quantities.

Instead of giving family and friends born in July the traditional show of presents, consider giving a bouquet of Larkspur. It's said such a gift can bring good luck for the whole New Year following the birthday. At the very least, it's sure to be appreciated.