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How to Pick the Right Bouquet

Giving a gift of flowers is sure to be well appreciated, but it's important you start off by choosing the right kind of bouquet. Learn the essential tips that go into selecting a flower arrangement and make sure any gift you give is both appropriate and perfectly suited to the occasion.

Giving thought to flowers

Flowers are both lovely and quite varied, meaning you have scores of options when it comes to a bouquet. Choosing the right flower for your bouquet can set the tone of the sentiment you're trying to convey, as can selecting the right size and presentation for your arrangement.

Start your search by taking a moment to look through the different meanings behind flower varieties. Known as the "language of flowers," floral meanings stretch back to antiquity and cover a variety of sentiments.

Planning out the perfect bouquet

One of the most important considerations in choosing a bouquet is getting the size right. A small bouquet is ideal for a pleasant sentiment while a large bouquet expresses that same sentiment in a grandiose, exuberant way.

Price may be a consideration in the selection of the size of the perfect bouquet, though it's also important to consider the destination. For example, if you're sending a flower bouquet to someone in a hospital, pay attention to the fact that they will probably want to take the bouquet home with them when their stay is over. Therefore, don't choose something too large and difficult to transport.

Shape is another thing worth considering when choosing a bouquet. Popular choices include round, symmetrical designs, long crescent designs, or cascading designs. Crescent designs have longer pieces that shoot out from one side as opposed to the other, while cascading designs have long pieces that hang down to the bottom of the bouquet.

Color is the next important factor in choosing a flower arrangement, and is heavily dependent on the sentiment you want to convey. Color choice and type of flower go hand in hand with the purpose for your bouquet, so give each equal consideration.

Finally, a bouquet isn't complete without a bit of decoration, so put some thought into whether you want a formal vase to accompany your bouquet or whether you'd prefer to have ribbon or twine tied around the base of the stems.

Suggestions for occasion-oriented bouquets

Here are a few suggestions to get you started in your quest to find the perfect bouquet for your needs.

If you want to brighten someone's day... Sunflowers are a cheerful way to brighten someone's day and let them know you're thinking about them. For that matter, any yellow bloom will generally bring joy to someone's day. Whether you use roses, callas, chrysanthemums, or any other bloom, choose bright and sunshiny colors for the friendliest bouquet display.

If you'd like to say thank you... There are several bouquets suitable for a thank you gesture. Anything from daisies to sunflowers to peonies would fit the bill. If you'd like to be original though, and even sophisticated, opt for something with orchids. Orchids are unique, elegant, and surprisingly affordable.

If you're going on a first date... It's a good idea not to seem too forward when you're just starting a relationship with someone. Bringing a bouquet of cheerful, common flowers such as tulips is likely to set the right mood for the date - one of enthusiasm without too much expectation.

If you'd like to make a romantic gesture... Roses are widely known to be the core of romantic arrangements. If you'd like to let your special someone know how much he or she is adored, search for a bouquet that features roses in reds and deep pinks. If you opt for an all-red rose bouquet, your message is sure to express devoted passion.

If you're communicating your sympathies... For anybody who's facing sadness in life, a bouquet is the ideal way to convey sympathy. Carnations, chrysanthemums, lilies, or irises are popular choices for such bouquets.

If you need to give a formal gift... Lilies and orchids are two of the most elegant flowers. As a bonus, both come with delicate, heavenly scents. For any occasion that requires a touch of formality such as a business dinner or birthday gift for a colleague, opt for a bouquet with some of these graceful blooms.

When it comes down to it, giving anybody a flower bouquet as a gift is likely to win you some gratitude, but taking the extra time to tailor the meaning and presentation of your gift will make it that much more special.