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Halloween Flower Decorating Tips

Halloween decorations generally equate to jack-o-lanterns, cobwebs, spiders, and skeletons. But there are many ways to make your home festive without creating a spooky display.

Celebrate the holiday by decorating your home with fresh flower arrangements that are sure to fit into the holiday theme.

Choose orange flowers like peach colored roses or bold orange gerbera daisies to capture the most popular Halloween color. Pumpkin colored Peruvian lilies and Asiatic lilies will also make a beautiful display. You may also consider mums and carnations because they are hearty enough to last through a good part of the trick-or-treat season.

A creative way to display your autumnal flower arrangement is in a vase made from a real pumpkin. Simply carve a pumpkin as if it were meant for a jack-o-lantern, line the interior with a plastic bag, and place saturated floral foam inside. Then you're ready to arrange your flowers and put your masterpiece on display - just be sure to add water to the foam daily.

Another way to keep the Halloween floral theme is by using a festive vase. Look for flower vases with ghosts, black cats, or headstones to add a little fun to your home decorating.

Flowers to Share

Halloween gift giving usually includes edible treats and sweets. This year, why don't you try something new and give the gift of flowers? The sweet smell of a flower bouquet is a nice change from the sugary mountain of Halloween candy gifts.

Plus, as the temperature drops in October and the limbs of the trees go bare, friends, coworkers, and relations would be delighted to receive a lively bouquet to spruce up their day.