Florida Flower Lovers' Quick Facts

Florida is a major producer of oranges and is the largest producer in the United States. Because of this, the citrus fruit tree's orange blossom is aptly recognized as the state flower. The white springtime flower is one of the most fragrant flowers in Florida and has long been considered a symbol of good fortune. Orange blossoms can be found adorning bridal bouquets at weddings, flavoring orange blossom honey, or scenting fancy perfumes.

Sunny Florida, a place of endless beaches that line the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico, is a favorite holiday destination for those in need of a warm winter getaway or a family friendly summer spot with theme parks galore. In between the bustling cities and coastlines, Florida is dotted with several scenic national parks. Near Key West, the Dry Tortugas National Park is known for its coral reefs, sea life, legends of pirate treasures, and the 299 species of birds that reside on the island or migrate there every winter. The most popular national park in Florida is the Everglades, a unique subtropical wetlands area located on the southern tip of Florida's peninsula. Birdwatching - and also alligator spotting - is a popular pastime here.

The state's tropical climate is categorized into seven floral zones, making it home to extremely diverse flower varieties. The most common floral zone in Florida, the pine flatwoods, is an open flat pine forest on sandy soil. In this terrain, an abundance of flora and fauna can be found, including 60 varietals of orchids. Coral honeysuckle, black-eyed susans, tropical sage, and wild petunias are among many wildflowers native to Florida.