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Floral Photographer Interview: Tanya Sharkey of St. Petersburg, Florida

If it weren't for the talent of photographers like Tanya Sharkey of St. Petersburg, Florida, we wouldn't get to enjoy the huge variety of colorful visuals flowers can offer. Learn a little more about Tanya in the interview below.

Tanya, where were you born? 
"In White Plains, NY."

How did you first become interested in photographing flowers? 

"I first learned of the idea in high school. My dad had a film camera he let me use to practice. I also got a lot of practice in photography from being on the yearbook committee in my high school." 

Who is your source of inspiration and how did his or her work influence yours? 
"Definitely Ansel Adams, because of his amazing ability to photograph landscapes as well as Georgia O'Keeffe."

What's your favorite flower and why? 
"People say I was born in the wrong decade and should have been born around the time of Woodstock because of the whole flower child era, since really I'm a hippie at heart. Having said that, I love daisies and have a specific fondness for Gerbera daisies, (hence the logo I use for my photography business)."

What tips do you have for photography amateurs?

"Just keep shooting, and get to know your camera. I was around when the transition from film to digital happened and luckily already changed before digital became the norm. Also, just keep shooting!"

What special equipment do you use for editing photos?

"PhotoShop CS3 is my main tool when editing photographs."

Where can we view your work? 
"I have my own website, which is Tanya Sharkey Photography, as well as my own Facebook Page. "

What are you most proud of in your work? 
"I was awarded two merits from Florida Professional Photographers, and it an honor since it was the first time I'd entered a competition. I am most proud of turning my two passions into a career. I love photography as well as animals, so it's lovely to be able to combine those loves."