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February Birthday Flowers

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For those lucky individuals born in February, the violet is their birthday flower. The violet is a sweetly scented plant that often blooms at the end of February. Violet blooms commonly last up until the end of April.

As a birth flower, the violet symbolizes fascination, devoted love, consolation, and support through adversity. According to some, the tiny flower also stands for humility, faithfulness, and chastity.

The violet is a low-growing, herbaceous plant. It is native to Africa but is commonly cultivated as a houseplant thanks to wide admiration for its pink and violet blooms. As many as 500 species of violets are distributed around the world.

For many, the deep and vivid tones of this February birth flower foreshadow the coming of spring. The name of the flower is synonymous with the bluish-purple tones of its petals. Violet blooms tend to have five petals, upswept into a fan shape with two on either side of the center and one petal pointing downward. It is this downward facing "spur" that defines many of the different species of violets.

Most (violets are grown for their ornamental flowers and thrive in rock gardens and along borders. Violets also do quite well as houseplants. Depending on the species, violets may be perennials or annuals. Some species even grow to be shrubs.

The name "violet" comes from the word Vias, which means wayside. Along with creating lovely visuals, violets have been used by chefs to decorate salads or in stuffing. Candied and crystallized violets are sometimes enjoyed as an after-dinner treat.

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