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Fall Flower Ideas

The beautiful colors of fall are the best part of the season. Capture the collective assortment by choosing autumnal colors and themes in your flower bouquets.

Autumn Leaves:

Outside the trees are yellow, red and orange. Bring those magnificent flower colors indoors by matching the same colors in a bouquet of lilies, roses or chrysanthemums. You can also get creative by collecting dried maple leaves and adding them your flower arrangement.

Halloween Parties:

You don't need to give out candy corn and caramel apples to celebrate Halloween. Avoid the overly common sugar gifts by giving Halloween bouquets instead.

Any mix of orange and green will allow you to keep the Halloween spirit. Use a black vase or find a Halloween-specific vase like one decorated with little white ghosts.

Thanksgiving Day Table Decorations:

During a large Thanksgiving Day feast, it's easy to fill up a dining table with foods of all sorts. But be sure to reserve a space for a decorative holiday centerpiece. 

A centerpiece could include greenery from pine trees, decorative dried gourds - a nice symbol of the pilgrim's feast - and a mix of yellow and brown sunflowers.

Can't Make Thanksgiving Dinner? Send a Bouquet Instead: 

Of course you'd love to have a traditional turkey dinner with your extended family, but this year you will dine with your in-laws. Let your side of the family know they're in your thoughts by sending a Thanksgiving Day bouquet.

Sunflowers make a thoughtful gift because they offer brightness and warmth during a month when the temperatures are low. Their bold contrast of brown