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December Birthday Flowers

Use KaBloom's December birthday flower delivery to send your thoughtful gift of fresh flowers today!

Anyone born in December gets to lay claim to the paper-white Narcissus as their birth month flower. The Narcissus stands for modesty, respect, and faithfulness. Its hidden message, according to the Victorian-era secret language of flowers, is "You're the only one."

The Narcissus blooms with variations of yellow and orange, but for the most part it is purely and simply white. The leaves of the Narcissus stand erect and follow the long, linear pattern characteristic to other plants that stem from bulbs.

The Narcissus is native to the Mediterranean region, though a few species variations have been found throughout central Asia. Now, it is widely cultivated throughout the world.

The name "Narcissus" is the Latin word used to describe a group of hardy, mostly spring-flowering bulbs. The daffodil, a common spring flower, falls in this group. In fact, some English-speaking countries now refer to Narcissus blooms exclusively as daffodils. Uniquely, there are several Narcissus species that bloom in the autumn.

The ancient Greeks believed the Narcissus flower originated from a story about a vain youth who fell in love with his own reflection in a pool of water. He became so obsessed with it, he could not leave the pool. To save him from starving and dying, the gods turned him into a flower - now called the Narcissus - so he could remain on the bank of the pool forever.

Along with being the birth month flower for December birthdays, the Narcissus has become the fundraising symbol for various cancer-fighting charities. It is celebrated for its balance of delicate perfection and hardy sustainability.

In addition to the Narcissus as the birth month flower for December, some also assign the poinsettia - a classic December flower - as a birth flower for this month as well. As a special treat, send a beautiful white flower bouquet of oriental lilies to your December birthday friend or loved one from KaBloom!