Brighton Flower Lovers' Quick Facts

Brighton, Massachusetts, is actually a neighborhood within the northwest corner of Boston. Now part of Suffolk County, the area used to be known as "Little Cambridge," as it was formerly considered part of the city of Cambridge. Brighton separated from Cambridge in 1807 and was annexed to Boston over sixty years later.

Brighton sits adjacent the neighborhood of Allston. Other surrounding cities include Newton, Watertown, Brookline, and of course, Cambridge. Despite its close proximity to other cities, Brighton has become a large community with characteristics that separate it from the greater Boston area, although it is often lumped together with Allston as "Allston-Brighton" and even shares a community development corporation with the neighboring area.

Brighton has few equivalents for educational advantages, being that it is home to portions of Harvard University, Boston College, as well as the Everest Institute, and St. John's Seminary.

Brighton also has a host of other active public spaces, including several public libraries and area golf courses. In addition, there's a Brighton area Farmer's Market where both local and organic produce are plentiful.

As far as entertainment options, Brighton has more than the average share. Visitors can enjoy a variety of unique pubs and tavern, several different libraries that trend toward historical research centers, and dozens of parks that provide access to the exquisite nature scene found all over Massachusetts.