World Environment Day: A Day to Make a Change

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Happy June! We here at KaBloom flowers love June because it marks the arrival of the warm weather, which means we can spend so much more time outside! As we’re planning for the summer holidays to come, we noticed one holiday that we realized is so important to everyone, but you might not have heard of it. On Monday, June 5th, the world comes together to celebrate World Environment Day. The holiday does just what you would expect—celebrate the environment—and while it might sound expansive and hard to find a way to include yourself in it, we thought through it and found that there are so many simple ways to be a part of it!


Every World Environment Day may celebrate the same thing, but each year has a specific theme. The 2017 theme is quite simple: “Connecting people to nature.” That’s not too hard, is it? The holiday’s website,, goes on to explain the theme with the help of Canada, this year’s host, saying “From your backyard to your favorite national park, nature is closer than you think. It’s time to get out and get out and enjoy it”. That’s an interesting concept when you think about it. Most of the time, you think about nature being a destination, like a walking trail or a national park. But, just look out into your backyard and you’ll see nature. It truly surrounds us in every moment of every day, which unfortunately it seems some people forget. And because of that, we all need to work together to bring around positive efforts to protect the environment from negative effects, such as pollution and global warming.

You might ask, how can I help celebrate World Environment Day? Is my effort really going to make a difference? The answer is simple. Yes, any effort, big or small, will have a positive impact in the grand scheme. There are countless things that you can do to make your efforts known on World Environment Day. Countless organizations arrange events, like park cleanups and “greenifying” urban environments, which you can join. The holiday’s website has locations where you can search for events that are already planned in your area. But, if you have an idea for an event, or can’t find one you’re interested in that’s in your area, you can also register events for others to join you on. The event’s size doesn’t matter, whether it’s a picnic in a local park or a daylong wildlife hike; it’s going to help spread awareness of nature.


Changes don’t need to be on a large level. You can celebrate the day on your own in a variety of ways. Consider looking at your daily routine and seeing if there are things you can do to eliminate excess energy waste, or to become more environmentally-friendly. Taking public transportation, or walking to where you’re going may seem like a small step, but it has its effect. Start a garden in your yard, or just plant a flower. It all adds up. World Environment Day may also be a good day to visit one of the country’s national parks! Many of them may lower or even wave their entry fees for the day. While you’re there, you can always create a scavenger hunt for yourself of things you want to see during your visit. Even just attending these parks helps raise environmental consciousness, and helps support environmental organizations.

On June 5th, we want you to join us and the rest of the world in celebrating World Environment Day. Not only is it a day where you can spend time outside and relax, but it goes towards a greater purpose of protecting our environment and working to raise awareness. We here at KaBloom are hoping to work with our partner farms to achieve complete sustainability by 2020, so this celebration will help greatly in our efforts. We hope you join the rest of the world in celebrating our environment. After all, we only have one, and it needs our love and care. Stay tuned for more updates!

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  1. Complete sustainability by 2020 would be amazing. Keep up the good work. Your flower are beautiful.

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