Which Rose Should I Choose?

Rose color meaning

Planning the perfect Valentine’s Day can sometimes be complicated. There are so many different kinds of flowers, but even specific flowers come in different colors. We here at KaBloom know a bit about flowers, and we can say with confidence that the most popular flower for the holiday is the Rose. But, since Valentine’s Day is no longer just for your significant other, we’re going to help lay out the different kinds of Roses that will best convey to your friend or loved one, exactly what they mean to you!

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Red Roses: Red Roses are the iconic Valentine’s Day flower. Of course, they symbolize love. They are the quintessential flower for your special someone, with whom you’re romantically linked to.


Pink Roses


Pink Roses: The Pink Rose conveys a sweet kind of love, but also brings with it a sense of admiration. This could be perfect for a close friend or family member, someone that you are close with but possibly are not connected with romantically.


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Yellow Roses: A Yellow Rose symbolizes friendship, so it is perfect to show your friend that you are thinking of them, as well as a great way to show gratitude or congratulations with the joy it brings. It is also a great way to add a sense of peace and calm.


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White Roses: A White Rose is the perfect expression of purity and elegance, often symbolizing new marriages or an elegant way of showing remembrance in any way.



purple rose1 (1)


Purple Roses: If you want something a little less traditional, you can always try a Purple Rose, which shows love at first sight, or just a unique expression of love or a blossoming friendship


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Orange Roses: You could try an Orange Rose, which brings with it a vibrant energy, which is perfect to show enthusiasm for any situation or reason, and symbolizes the radiant sun.


blue rose


Blue Roses: If you’re able to find them, you can always try a Blue Rose, which shrouds itself in mystery, and can bring with it many different meanings.


Varying Rose color is not the only way to send different messages to that special someone. Many times, you can play with the number of Roses you send to send a message. You can send one Rose to signify love at first sight, and three Roses symbolize the most romantic combination of three words: “I love you”. 101 Roses to ask the person to be their one and only. You can even send apologies through Roses by sending 15 to someone. There are options from one rose to over one thousand, and you can check out ones that would work for you the best at The Meanings of the Numbers of Roses

Hopefully this guide can help you plan the best Valentine’s Day floral arrangement for any person in your life. Obviously, this is just a simple version of the complicated planning process that should go into getting that special someone Roses. We here at KaBloom hope that you have a very happy Valentine’s Day, and hopefully we’ll be able to help you find that perfect arrangement to put a smile on anyone’s face! Stay tuned for more updates!

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  1. Thank you for these details about roses . for me i will chose purple roses because i like the color purple . I was wondering if there is anyone knows a florist or a flower shop in Morocco !!!! . Anything about ordering flowers from Morocco plz plz let me know .

    1. Yes i know one . it’s the best beleive me . Kabloom has been delivering flowers for over 20
      years . You can buy flowers online, by phone or from the shop . I sent a purple boquet to my freind that she is living in Morocco . she was so delighted .

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