The Lily: Easter’s Favorite Storyteller

Happy Spring! Besides being thrilled that the snow is starting to melt and the warmer weather is on its way, we here at KaBloom are brushing off our hats and gearing up for the first major Spring holiday: Easter! When getting ready, we couldn’t help but notice that Lilies are so popular. So naturally, we researched a little bit into the significance of the Lily in connection to Easter, and we wanted to share what we found with you!

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The importance of Lilies can be traced back many years and in various accounts.  In mythological accounts, Lilies were often associated with motherhood. Hera, the Queen of Heaven, was often associated with being able to create Lilies herself.  Ancient societies, such as the Assyrians and the Babylonians, associated the flower with the goddess of fertility.

In Christian tradition, the Lily can also be traced back to the Bible. One early reference of the flower in the Bible comes as Eve is banished from the Garden of Eden, her tears hit the ground, and Lilies grew from there. Later, they are referenced during the Sermon on the Mount, and they also appear significantly in the Garden of Gethsemane, where tradition says that the Lilies sprouted from tears and drops of sweat from Jesus in the hours leading up to his death. Lilies found their way into representations of the Virgin Mary, both in the discovery of her pregnancy and in her resurrection.

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Because of these beliefs, the Lily has been considered a symbol of many things, amongst them rebirth, innocence, purity, hope, and motherhood. Given its strong association with rebirth and renewal, it only makes sense that the flower would play a significant role in Easter, which in Christian tradition celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus. During this time, churches will adorn their altars with the flower, as well as decorate the interiors of the church with them. It only makes sense that they would use the Lily because many of its symbolic meanings coincide with the beliefs and the events they are celebrating.

Areas of California and Oregon are known as the Easter Lily capital of the world, so if you have Lilies around the holidays, there’s a good chance that they came from there. But, they did not originate here, but rather likely in Japan in the 1800s before they were sent around the world and ended up here. After Pearl Harbor, the supply line of imported Lily bulbs was cut off, so people who were growing them in the country found that what was once a hobby could now be very profitable. The flowers were even known as “White Gold” because of how profitable and popular they were! Because they survive well indoors and outdoors, the Lilies became a staple. Often, their bulbs were planted at graves and bloomed into a beautiful and majestic flower, the ultimate representation of rebirth and innocence.

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It’s really interesting how one flower can have so much significance and importance, isn’t it? Not only are Lilies beautiful, but they have such an important symbolic significance that it makes sense now why they are so popular! Check back soon for more updates!