The Importance of Bringing Flowers and Plants in Your New Year

The New Year is here, and we here at KaBloom are so excited to see what the next year will bring. A lot of people try to think of resolutions to work towards improving themselves, but it’s not always the easiest to think of something that will be easy to stick to. So, we started thinking, and obviously our minds drifted to flowers, because what do we know better than flowers? And suddenly, we realized how one can make the New Year even better: by adding flowers and plants! Not only do they add an aesthetic flair to any location, but they do more for your health and well-being than you would expect!

One of the most significant benefits of flowers and plants is that they help with one’s emotional health. A bright bouquet of flowers adds vibrancy to a room, and often a very calming scent, which will ultimately affect the people in the room and elevate their mood. Receiving a bouquet of flowers also positively affects a person’s mood because it instinctively shows the recipient that someone thinks enough of them to send something thought-out to them. There is also a strong connection between flowers and plants in hospital rooms and the healing process for many of the same reasons above! Studies have shown that patients in rooms with plants and flowers needed less pain medication, were in better spirits, and were less anxious and tired, all of which helps the recovery process. Brighter colors are relaxing, and bolder colors are energizing, both positively impacting one’s physical well-being. So, if plants and flowers can help people recovering in a hospital, the everyday impact is very clear!

Since plants and flowers have been proven to lower stress, it is often a very good idea to keep them present in work spaces, like at the office. Different floral scents work wonders in helping to relieve stress, and even combat headaches and tension, which can be a useful presence in a busy workplace. But, plants also play a very useful role in concentration. Since plants take in carbon dioxide and oxygenate the air, this helps with memory and concentration, allowing you to take in more oxygen to help your brain cells thrive, ultimately letting you be as productive as possible during the day. Some studies have found that the presence of plants can help improve your mental retention by twenty percent! Often, the workplace can be a very sterile environment, so adding a natural flair also helps with one’s mood, helping fight off stress-related depression, while also making you feel more secure and happy overall.

Plants and flowers can also have a lasting effect through their presence in a different way. The presence of plants and flowers in their natural environments within a community can be a useful and helpful learning experience. Botanical gardens and parks are great locations that help instill the importance of protecting the environment because, as it is presented right in front of a person, it becomes more real and tangible. Therefore, it teaches a responsibility to those around it to protect it and help it thrive, ultimately instilling the idea of the importance of the environment in the greater scheme of things. Many schools take younger children to these locations to help them learn the importance of being environmentally-conscious. These outdoor locations are also important in stimulating physical activity in the community. If there are aesthetically-pleasing outdoor locations that are easily-accessible, people in the area are more likely to exercise and promoting better health practices.

For something so common in our everyday lives, flowers and plants have such an impact greater than just being a great gift or decoration! We hope you resolve to add more nature into your days to help your emotional and physical health. Just like there’s only one you, there’s only one environment, and seeing how much it helps us everyday, we need to be sure we do our best to protect it as much as we can. Stay tuned for more updates!

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