Planning the Perfect New Year’s Arrangement

Happy New Year from everyone here at KaBloom! Make sure you stick to those resolutions (if you hadn’t already given up on them at 12:01). Our earlier blog post about the different New Year’s traditions from around the globe got us thinking. Say, hypothetically, you were to design the perfect New Year’s arrangement. Would you want it to consist of a lot of gold and white to look like fireworks going off at the stroke of midnight? That would look really cool and have a really elegant feel, but let’s take it to the next level. What if you used flowers to tell a meaningful story, just like many New Year celebrations around the world?


What themes would you want your arrangement to embody? It’s the New Year, so how about something about a long and prosperous life? Two flowers used prominently in the Chinese New Year, chrysanthemums and daffodils, might be a good place to start. Chrysanthemums are known to symbolize long-lasting relationships and enduring life, but also bring in the idea of rebirth and recovery after a challenging period of time. Daffodils bring with them thoughts of renewal, forgiveness, and reflection. These might be a good choice if your New Year’s resolution is to start fresh, but also as a celebration of the end of a tough time in your life.

Life can sometimes be a journey, and it takes a lot of effort to reach that perfect outcome. The Azalea perfectly captures this, symbolizing a desire to take care of yourself and your family, and the desire to return home. This doesn’t have to be a literal representation of home, though. Maybe you have a dream or a goal and you want to reach it this year. Azaleas might be the perfect way to bring your dream closer to reality. While you’re at it, add in some white Lavender, which symbolizes dreams coming true. These two beautiful flowers together will help you reach that resolution.


What do you think is something that everyone wants? Family happiness? Good health? Wealth and honor? Prosperity? Well, the Peony brings all of these together in a symbolic elegance that could add the beautiful final touch to your New Year’s arrangement. There’s no shame in wanting the best for your family and yourself. For an extra touch of success, make sure that you have a lot of purple flowers, because the color purple embodies success.

All of these flowers are beautiful and tell an equally beautiful message, but if you just mixed these together in an arrangement, it might not look as beautiful as the story that it tells. But, if you’re going for the perfect New Year’s arrangement to help support your New Year’s Resolution, or even your dream for the upcoming year, then you should definitely make sure that at least one of these flowers is in it. We hope that you achieve all of your goals and resolutions, and we wish you a happy and healthy year! Check back for more updates!

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