Perfecting the Fall Wedding

Can you believe Fall is almost here? We here at KaBloom can’t, but we’re not opposed to welcoming one of our favorite seasons back! Whenever the season changes, so does our style of designing arrangements, but it got us thinking that floral arrangements aren’t the only thing that is greatly influenced by the seasons. One event most influenced by the seasons is also one of the most important in a person’s life: a wedding. The idea of a Fall wedding got us thinking about all the different and exciting ideas you could incorporate into planning such an event. So, we did some research and put our heads together, and we found some information we thought could be useful in planning a Fall wedding!

One of the most important things when you start planning your fall wedding is to pick the perfect colors. Perhaps the most common and easy way to choose your colors would be to go outside on a fall day and observe the colors around you. Because of this, red, yellow, and orange are very popular colors for fall weddings. But, it’s not that easy, because you also have to choose what shades you want! You can go for more traditional and bright shades of the color for a more vibrant presentation, but you can also go with the softer or more muted hues to give a more earthy or natural vibe to the ceremony and reception. However, don’t hesitate to use grays or browns, which will also add to the earthy tones, should you want to follow that path. Want to think outside of the box? Navy blue and more muted darker purples will also add an eye-catching touch to your wedding palate. In our opinion, though, if you are going to stray away from the traditional fall colors, it’d be best to have them darker and more muted, while the traditional fall colors would work well in any of their tones.      kabloomflower     Choosing the flowers for the bridal bouquet, the bridesmaids’ bouquets, and the centerpieces and decorations can be both the hardest and the most fun part of the planning. First, you have to figure out which flowers are in season during the Fall, and which ones go with your color selection. Flowers popular for Fall weddings include both Asiatic and Calla Lilies, Gerbera Daisies, Roses, Chrysanthemums, earth-toned Hydrangeas, and Dahlias. Even better is that many of these flowers come in the traditional Fall colors of red, orange, and yellow tones, so you can try to mix and match based on colors you already have chosen, or something you think would pop. Your floral decorations don’t need to stop there, though! Did you ever think about bringing in some fall foliage to the design? Often, bridal bouquets will incorporate fallen leaves or branches to give that extra feel of nature. You can even consider using fallen leaves in the decorations or centerpieces to create a natural feeling to the overall design of the wedding. Depending on the time in Fall when your wedding is planned, you could even incorporate pumpkins in the décor.

If there’s one season you want to make a point to be outside, it’s Fall. When picking your wedding venue, think outside of the box. There are many natural outdoor settings, like orchards or parks, that would be the perfect setting for an outdoor ceremony, perhaps at sunset to get the beautiful Fall colors in the sky. If being completely outdoors isn’t your thing, look into barns or farms that may offer an indoor setting that still evokes the natural setting. There are so many options to create the rustic and natural setting, so your choice will be the right choice!

We’ve only just started to dig into all the different things you can do with a Fall wedding, because there is no simple way to plan a wedding! Hopefully some of our ideas can help spark some ideas for you. No matter what you choose, we know your wedding will be beautiful! Stay tuned for more updates!

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  1. The ground full of flowers is really beautiful. Your flower arrangement is full of joy, there is not enough words to express our love.

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