Making the Most of Your Flowers

It can be a sad moment when it’s time to throw away a flower arrangement. It seems like such a waste to throw away something that was so lovely, doesn’t it? Well, we here at KaBloom pro-vide our customers with the freshest flowers guaranteed for seven days, but we want you to en-joy them even longer. So, here’s a few fun and creative ideas to help you get even more use from your flowers!

If you’re into crafts, there are so many interesting options. Pressing flowers is a popular way to easily create decorations. There are flower-pressing kits you can buy, but using a heavy book works just as well! Just make sure you either use absorbent paper or a book you don’t mind get-ting a little wrinkled. Make sure the flower is dry so it doesn’t grow mold in the process, then put it between two added pieces of paper inside the book. Arrange the flower however you want and close it up. You should probably change the paper a few times, but do it carefully so you don’t damage the flower. After a few weeks, it’ll be ready, and you can always frame it, or decorate a candle (carefully!) by attaching it to the outermost layer, away from the wick. You can even create a bookmark or a card with the design!

If you like the petals’ colors, you can fill a decorative container with petals. Whether you have a certain color scheme in mind or just want to see what they look like, it will add a unique touch to wherever you put it! Look into the best ways to make sure the flowers are preserved so the decoration lasts its longest! Another common way to reuse flowers is to create potpourri. After drying the petals, mix them with essential oils to help add fragrance. You don’t need to only use flower petals. There are various herbs, spices, and foliage that mix well. After mixing the ingredients, set it aside so they can absorb the scents. Look online for more in-depth descriptions of how to make this aromatic addition to any location!

Sometimes, an arrangement has an important significance, like your wedding bouquet. You can always dry these to preserve them. The easiest way is to hang them. Before you do this, remove excess foliage and cut the stems slightly, then hang them upside down in an area with good cir-culation. Make sure it’s out of the sunlight because that causes the color to fade. After a few weeks, when they’re completely dry, spray them with hairspray or a moisture sealer before dis-playing it. If you can devote a good amount of time and have a rose bouquet, you can create rose beads. There are many recipes online, but has a detailed one to help you get a feel for it! It might be kind of gross to some people, but others think that wilting flowers actually have a unique and vintage look. It’s definitely unique, but we’ll let you use your own judgment on doing this one!

Now you know that when you think your flowers are on their way out, you can still do so much with them. This is just a quick look at the many options you have. Of course, the Internet has so many more option and more in-depth instructions. We here hope that we can find the time to try some of these, but it’s just so hard when our flowers stay fresh for so long! Stay tuned for more updates!

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