Looking at Lavender in a New Light


It’s a necessity to set some time aside in a day for self-care, and we have just the right herbal flower to help! We here at KaBloom did a little research and came across one of the most fascinating flowers: Lavender. Lavender is a fantastically fragrant flower, but it has so many cool and clever uses in everyday life. We sorted through some of the most interesting and unexpected ways, and wanted to share them with you!

One of the most widely-accepted uses of Lavender is to relieve tension. Some say that rubbing a little bit of Lavender oil on your temples at night helps you sleep better. You can even rub a drop on your pillow to see if that works. Similar to this, simply rubbing Lavender oil in your palms and inhaling creates a comforting and relaxing feeling that can ease tension and stress. Try rubbing it on your feet, wrists, or anywhere you’re experiencing tension for immediate relief. A simple method, it is also good if you have anxiety in crowds or public places, for it does not cause any issue to people around you.

lavender and common goods

Have a minor medical ailment? Well, you can also try—you guessed it!—Lavender! The flower has also been found to have medicinal uses. If you have a cut, put a drop of Lavender oil in it to both stops the pain and also to help kill any bacteria. The same goes for a bug bite, a minor burn, or any kind of skin irritation. Just put a few drops based on the size of the injury and rub it into the skin, and the relief will soon be seen. Swelling from a bite will be reduced and itch or pain will subside. Some people say if you have a skin condition, like eczema, if you mix lavender oil with another natural vegetable oil, like coconut, and rub it onto the affected area, it will help with the irritation. Chapped skin or lips will also benefit from Lavender oil, as will cold sores. Did you know if you’re suffering from seasonal allergies, it is also possible for the Lavender oil to help with symptom relief? Follow the same steps for stress relief by breathing in the fragrance from the oil, and it should help relieve some of your symptoms!

Now, we’ve learned about the different ways that Lavender can help your health, but did you know that it can be used for cooking as well? You can add Lavender to many different recipes for an extra boost in flavor, or a twist on an old recipe. People have been known to add it to teas and waters, or even alcoholic drinks, for a little twist. However, there are tons of recipes online that use Lavender, including adding it to frosting for cakes or cupcakes, or creating pastries featuring it. Like any other flower, Lavender is perfect for home crafts. Creating a wreath of dried Lavender stems creates a beautiful touch to a door or wall but also holds some of its aromatic fragrance to create a soothing and welcoming touch. You can also use the Lavender as potpourri, putting some in a festive sack or container and place it somewhere to add a calming scent, whether a drawer or closet, or just in your living room. You can also find fun do-it-yourself instructions on making homemade soaps with Lavender in it.

Bet you never knew there was so much behind this beautiful flower! Much of what we discussed featured Lavender oil, which, if you’re feeling adventurous, can be made at home. Check out Make-Lavender-Oil for some more information on the process, but if you’re like us, we find it easier just to buy it at the store. You never know what amazing use for flowers you’ll find. Stay tuned for more updates!

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