Keeping the Holidays Fresh and Fragrant

We know the holidays can be a stressful and busy time of year, with all the extra demands of shopping, planning, decorating, and everything in between. There’s nothing worse than when something goes wrong, so we here at KaBloom want to help relieve that stress a little bit by helping you understand how to care for your Christmas products so they’ll look beautiful for the whole holiday season!

Caring for Balsam products can seem tricky. You might think you wouldn’t need to care for it, but that’s not exactly true. Just a few easy steps will keep your Christmas greenery looking vibrant and beautiful.

If your product is being shipped to you, it’s packed firmly to prevent any damage during transport, so don’t worry if the branches are tightly grouped! It may take a few hours for them to return to its natural, relaxed state. There also might be some loose needles in the packaging, but don’t worry! That is part of a completely natural occurrence called “sprilling”!

If you’re keeping the greenery indoors, make sure that you keep them away from sources of heat, like a fireplace or a heating vent, or even a window that gets a lot of sun. This causes them to dry out quickly. Even if it’s outside, make sure that it’s not always in direct sunlight.

Just like humans, greens need to stay hydrated. If you have a wreath, make sure you mist it at least every other day to help it retain moisture. Even if it’s outside, you should mist it because the weather can be so dry at this time of year. You can also use an anti-desiccant spray that locks in moisture when you first get it.

If you have a tabletop tree, it will be helpful to pour around a pint of water slowly down the tree from the top, but make sure you do this over a sink or bucket so you don’t get water everywhere! After the first three days, you can repeat this step every day or two.

If you have a centerpiece, first add a pint of fresh warm water to it. Then, just treat it like you would any other house plant or arrangement, watering it regularly. Also, please make sure that you place any candles into the holders securely and never leave them burning unattended. We want your holidays to be merry and bright, but bright with happiness!

Even if you have an arrangement that isn’t a wreath but has exposed greens, it might be a good idea to mist them to make them last even longer!

Some of our Christmas products do contain small parts and can be a choking hazard, so make sure that you put them somewhere where small children and pets can enjoy them safely!

If you follow these easy steps, we promise that you will get the most out of your holiday greenery. We want to add to your Christmas cheer, but we also want it to last as long as possible! Stay tuned for more updates!

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