Flowers Arrive In Bud Form

Flowers Arrive In Bud Form

Here at KaBloom, we know how important it is for flowers to be both beautiful and long-lasting. But, we also know that it is sometimes hard to have the best of both worlds. That’s why we are very fortunate in the way that we source our flowers and get them to our customers. We work directly with some of the best flower farms around the world, which allows us to cut out some excess time from the moment the flowers are cut to when they are delivered to our customers.

Mother’s Day is coming up. Say your kids across the country send you a flower delivery from us, and when you open the box, you notice that the flowers are not quite opened all the way. That’s totally normal, and there’s a few reasons that this happens. You are receiving the flowers in “bud form”, meaning the flower petals are still closed for petal protection, and are super fresh. Because of our hydration technology and our relationships with these farms, much of the time that would often be devoted to the processing of the flowers is cut out, so that you have fresh farm-direct flowers. Not many florists can say that they are able to do this!


Flowers Arrive In Bud Form

When your flowers arrive in bud form, you just have to do a few quick and easy steps to help them open in the beautiful arrangement you’re expecting. Make sure that you cut the stems at an angle to help water flow through the flowers. After they’re journey to your home, they’ll need a good drink to make sure that they’re vibrant for your display! After a day or two, you’ll notice the buds blossoming into a beautiful arrangement, which also means that the flowers will last that much longer because their shelf life has been prolonged by the way that we shipped them.

It can be a bit confusing to order a lush arrangement and have it delivered seeming slightly smaller, but that’s all part of our way to make the ultimate result last even longer! There’s no reason for a flower to be in full bloom as it’s being shipped across the country. Now, when you open your package and place the flowers in water, you’ll know you’ve added extra time arrangement’s life. Stay tuned for more updates!

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  1. I liked that you talked about cutting the stems on an angle if you get flowers delivered in bud form. My mother loves lilies and I have been wanting to send her some. It seems if I send her the lilies in bud form they will last longer for my mother.

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