Fall Bulb Planting

Fall Bulb

September marks the end of summer, a change in weather and a shift in activity from beach days to apple picking. Summer flowers disappear, leaves begin to fall and the last thing on your mind is probably your spring garden. However, for much of the country this is the most important time to plan your gorgeous spring blooms! Before you pack up your gardening gloves for the season, take a last trip to the nursery and stock up on Daffodils, Tulips and Hyacinth bulbs! If you’ve never planted fall bulbs before, keep reading for a few tips on getting started.

When should I plant?

For most bulbs the ideal time to plant is as soon as the ground cools down – which varies depending on your climate. A general estimation is when the air has cooled down to around fifty degrees, up until when the ground freezes. If you aren’t sure, ask your local nursery on when they advise planting in your area.

Where should I plant?

Bulbs can be planted just about anywhere in your garden, but avoid areas where the soil might get too wet (like areas with poor drainage or at the bottom of a hill). Planting in sunnier areas will help keep the bulbs dry and give the flowers plenty of light once they bloom. Make sure the soil in your flower bed is loose enough to dig holes six to twelve inches deep, depending on the size of your bulb. If needed, you can also cover with additional compost or fertilizer to make sure they have enough coverage. Remember – these bulbs need to be protected all winter long!

How should I arrange them?

Bulbs are harder to arrange than flowers that have already bloomed, simply because you can’t see the flowers yet. A good general idea is to plant them in medium to large groupings for maximum effect. There may be a bulb or two that don’t make it through the winter so avoid planting in single lines or individually, otherwise you may have gaps! If you’re planting multiple types of bulbs in the same area, do a little research on how tall your flowers are expected to grow. Once you’ve established the larger flowers, plant them towards the back or middle of your display, with smaller varieties grouped around them so none get blocked out! Have any questions or great planting tips? Let us know in our comment section. Happy planting!

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