DIY Pumpkin Vase

Perfecting the Pumpkin Vase

It’s Fall, which means it’s time to head to the pumpkin patch to get the materials for a perfect jack-o-lantern! But, we here at KaBloom, of course are always thinking of flowers, and different kinds of fun do-it-yourself crafts for the Fall season, and liked the idea of a pumpkin vase! Sure, you can buy a ceramic pumpkin vase at the store, but it’s not the same as having a real pumpkin adding that Fall feeling to your home. So, we put together a few easy steps to help you create a beautiful seasonal display!

Perfecting the Pumpkin Vase

It’s not too different from carving a pumpkin to create a festive seasonal vase for a floral arrangement:

  • First, select the right pumpkin! Not only is it important to find a pumpkin that is visually appealing, but make sure that its sides are firm to support the arrangement and that it is able to sit without wobbling. The flatter the base, the better to prevent any spillage or unwanted mess!
  • Next, you have to decide whether you want to have a container inside the pumpkin to hold the flower arrangement or whether you are going to let it sit in the pumpkin itself. If you want something inside to hold the flowers, find the container, then trace its shape on the top of the pumpkin so the container will sit comfortably in it. If you’re going to use the pumpkin itself as the vase, there’s no need to trace anything.
  • Cut along the traced line or around the top with a sharp knife and scoop out the pulp. If you are going to use the pumpkin as the vase, leave a layer of the pumpkin flesh around the edge to create a waterproof container for the flowers.
  • Now, take the flowers or arrangement you want to display and begin to prepare them. Be sure to trim the stems so they fit in the pumpkin, but trim them at an angle so they will be able to drink water as needed. As you arrange, it is more of a matter of personal taste how you do it. It might even be interesting to create a display including some fallen foliage or wood to create an extra rustic feeling of nature.
  • Whether adding the water into a container or into the pumpkin itself, make sure you add a little flower food to help the arrangement thrive.

Perfecting the Pumpkin Vase

With those few easy steps, you’ve now created the perfect seasonal vase for your Fall flower arrangement! Find the perfect place to display your creation, whether it be as the centerpiece of a table or as a nice accent to your living room. Just check to make sure the water isn’t leaking out of the pumpkin, especially if you are using that to hold the water, because you might have to add a container to hold the flowers or redo the process with another pumpkin to prevent a mess.  Every few days, change the water so the flowers remain healthy, but also monitor the pumpkin, for if you see any signs of rotting, it’s time to get rid of it!

We’re sure that your display is going to be the talk of the dinner table at Thanksgiving! Sometimes, you have to look at everyday things in a different way to find a unique and creative way to use it. Do you have any other ideas for clever or creative ways to use pumpkins in Fall arrangements? Tell us in the comments, and stay tuned for more updates!

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