Choosing Mom’s Flowers from the Most Popular Flowers

Mother’s Day is coming quick, and we are so excited to put all our planning into action in making arrangements to make all the moms out there smile. But, we know it seems like there’s a million options of what to get Mom, and that might be a little overwhelming. Well, with a little research, including a very helpful article fromfrom, we found the most popular flowers among women and broke it down for you here!This might come as a surprise, but the most popular flowerfor womenis the Pink Rose! ThePink color adds a level ofsweetness. Going further, it doesn’t seem to matter what hue it is, but women do seem to favor a brighter or lighter Pink. The great thing about Pink Roses is that they workperfectly as a focal point, a sweet accent, and even as an entire bouquet. The choices are endless, which makes this flower the most popular choice. Pink is incredibly sweet, just like Mom, so maybe this is the way for you to go!Interested in this? Check out our Rosy Kisses bouquet at

Coming in second is what you may have expected to come in first: the Red Rose. Maybe it’s because they are sometimes considered a premium flower. Maybe it’s because the Red color brings with it a more romantic thought. But, these are only questions we may never find the answer to. What we do know is that the Red Rose is a classic beauty that will undoubtedly stun anyone lucky enough to receiveit. Sometimes, you just don’t mess with the classics, and this may be the way to go to make Mom’s Mother’s Day even more marvelous.If this is an option, check out our Classic Red Roses at to think of something a little different than the traditional path? Another popular option is the Orchid, which adds a unique exotic beauty to any situation. Orchids are said to be great for relaxation, so maybe if Mom is a busy lady, this might be the way to go. Plus, its unique flair will certainly not disappoint. Combine her flowers with an exotic getaway with our Tropical Retreat bouquet at

Mother’s Day is in Spring, so it might be a good idea to choose a Spring-y flower, and what’s more Spring-y than the Tulip?Coming in a variety of colors, the Tulip, direct from the Netherlands,never fails to be a popular flower that always leave women taken by their sweetness. A whole bouquet of Tulips, or perhaps a mixed bouquet featuring them, will be a great way to make Mom smile. Not sure what color to choose? Think Spring colors, or maybe Mom’s favorite color. Chances are, the Tulipcomes in that color!Show Mom how sweet she is with our Sweet Pink Tulips at Mom would like something a little less traditional, so why not consider a plant? There are so many varietiesto choose from. Plants have proven health effects in lowering stress and improving productivity, so if you think Mom would benefit from one of these, take a look to see all the different options you could get her. Plus, the great thing about many plants is that, with a little care, they come back season after season!Check out the wide variety of plants we have to offer at!

This is just a glimpse into the most popular flowers that women tend to favor, but there are so many more flower types you can choose from. Need a little insight? Research yourself on some lesser-known flowers, or contact your local florist. The bottom line really is that whatever you choose, Mom will love because you put the time and effort in to choosing it for her. Wishing everyone a Happy Mother’s Day, and stay tuned for more updates!

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