Caring for Your Succulents

Let’s face it: some plants take a lot of work to take care of. We get it. And that’s why we here at KaBloom offer a variety of succulents, a clever addition to any space or situation! Unlike any other plant, they’re perfect for the on-the-go lifestyle because they’re easy to care for! Now, it’snot true that you don’t need to care for them, but with a few easy steps, you can keep your Succulent looking lively and fresh for a long time!


A common misconception about Succulents is that they need little water. Well, that’s only kind of true. Yes, Succulents need to be watered less often, but no, that doesn’t mean they don’t need water. Succulents survive in dry conditions because they store water in their leaves. When you start caring for your Succulent, keep an eye on it to learn how and when it needs water. Start by watering once a week, but after that, usually once every 10 days is good. It’s best to look at the soil for direction, since each plant is unique. Only water it when the soil is dry. When it comes time to water, make sure you add enough until it drains from the pot. Too much water will make it drown!

Looking at the leaves can also indicate how much water it needs and when. If the Succulent has thicker leaves, it stores more water, and will need more when watering, but if it has thinner leaves, then you won’t need to water it as much. If the leaves are usually shiny and are now dull or wilted, it’s time for some water and fast!


Since Succulents are used to dry environments, it likes sunlight. Keep it in a place that gets a lot of bright, indirect sunlight. If it has colorful leaves, more sunlight means better color! Too much direct sunlight, though, will cause the leaves to get sunburned, so find that happy medium, right around six hours. Since Succulents are used to warm environments, make sure it doesn’t get too cold for too long. If you keep it outside, bring it inside if the temperature is going to drop, especially for a long time. Make sure you protect it from frost, because it can lead to irreversible damage.

Just like any other plant, what was once a cute touch to a space can overgrow with time, but you can easily fix this! Sometimes, the Succulent grows too large for the container, but pruning will help keep it just the right size. It’s good to remove any strange-looking leaves or stems to keep the Succulent healthy. Also, you can make it grow in size! Trimming leaves towards the top of the stems will cause the Succulent to grow out, and you can use this technique to shape it! These plants are really cool, too, because you can trim a leaf and replant it, and it grows into a whole new Succulent! For more information, check out! Just be careful when you’re trimming, because sometimes, the leaves are a little sappy, so maybe wear gloves just to be safe!


Any plant lover is bound to like how different Succulents are from other plants! We are sure that these kinds of plants would make a perfect gift because they are so unique and so easy to take care of. It’s no surprise why they’re so in-demand! Following these few easy steps will make your Succulent continue to turn heads for a long time. Stay tuned for more updates! #succulentlove

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